We are sure at the start of the year and the turning of a new decade, you had plans to do better and be better. Maybe you wrote some resolutions down, or as the countdown began, heart pounding, you said a silent prayer and muttered to the universe that this would be a new beginning, a fresh start. Then the journey to self-improvement began.

Well we at Leisure Living have also been working seamlessly over the past few months to improve our brand. We want you to have the best experience possible when you visit our online store and purchase our outdoor furniture. As such, we have designed a modern logo of an outdoor chair, making it easy for you to identify with us and what we do, which is the production of timeless outdoor furniture. We have also changed our motto from “Always Limitless Comfort” to “Limitless Comfort…” as just as our furniture, we believe in the power of minimalism. Consistently expressing the new Leisure Living visual identity builds strong brand awareness, allowing Leisure Living to maintain our position as the marketplace leader.

Leisure Living has adapted new colours of white, sunset orange and black. White evokes the limitless possibilities of shopping with Leisure Living; black conveys our value for chic elegance while sunset orange gives you the comfort and warmth that Leisure Living stands for. These colours provide a strong visual link to our brand identity across a wide range of applications. The consistent representation of these core colours helps reinforce the distinctiveness of the Leisure Living brand.

The coming months will unravel just how much Leisure Living has undergone a significant transformation. The new identity will satisfy all the existing expectations of what our original mark stands for, which is online distribution of quality outdoor furniture throughout the SADC region.
We would like to not only offer our customers the convenience of shopping online, but the opportunity to meet with us in person and get a feel of what we have to offer. You can still visit us at the Randburg office in South Africa and explore our showroom.

Our purpose remains to re-align afro-centric artistic designs into our daily lives through classy yet comfortable furniture which suits any lifestyle. This is proven by how our furniture fits effortlessly into corporate spaces, restaurants, bars and even the privacy of your home. This simple craftsmanship is what makes Leisure Living unique.

Our mission is still to shape the future of outdoor furniture through innovative designs, while also paying homage to traditional southern African material. We will move the brand forward by setting up manufacturing plants across the SADC region. The future also includes growing local raw materials to feed into the supply chain and provide employment. Striving to maintain the iconic and recognizable quality of our furniture is a primary goal. As such, we will continue to incorporate the best material for outdoor furniture, PE Rattan, which is known for its durability, timelessness, style, low maintenance and its light weight. PE Rattan guarantees that our outdoor furniture is able to withstand any given environment. This again distinguishes us as your brand of choice.

The changes at Leisure Living will ensure that whether you are shopping for corporate, private or entertainment, you never feel as if you are a visitor. Rather, we want you to experience limitless comfort when you visit us online and shop with us. Here’s to our exciting new chapter!